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Matthieu Monnier Responsable du Pôle Industrie, Offshore, Techniques et Territoires France Enérgie Eolienne

Matthieu is Head of Industry and Offshore wind at the French wind energy association – France Energie Eolienne - (FEE).

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Deeply involved in the transition and the digitalization of the French energy sector, he worked a year (2010-2011) as a Liaison Officer for the World Bank and Americas-Balkans-IEC at the French Ministry of Environment.

He spent then 3 years at the German office of Business France in Düsseldorf, advising French companies that aimed to export product and services to Germany, in the energy sector (renewables, digital services, nuclear energy dismantling…). Since November 2014, he supports the development of the wind industry in France, in both onshore and offshore, at FEE.

Matthieu works on the improvement of the legal framework for the development of offshore wind in France and proposes, on behalf of the FEE’s members, concrete measures to boost the competitiveness of the sector and future tenders in the country.