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Martha Ham is Vice President and Underwriter on the North America Underwriting Team.

Martha began her reinsurance career with former Mercantile & General (M&G) directly from University. Starting in Technical Accounting (TA), advancing to a management role with a secondment to Information Technology. Martha graduated from the M&G in house underwriting program and began underwriting on a part time basis. After a short stint as a stay at home parent, Martha then returned to Swiss Re in 1993 again in TA and continued to underwrite life business. In 2000, jumped at the opportunity to underwrite on full time basis with DI operation. Then, in 2005, joined the Toronto Life underwriting team. Martha enjoys the wide variety of challenges in her current role including High Net Worth underwriting and systems project work. Most recently, Martha has been an active member of several underwriting industry committees focusing on Continuing Education.

Martha graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A in Renaissance Literature. In her spare time, Martha enjoys gardening, the family cottage and staying active.