Marko Bitenc Founder and CEO GenePlanet

Marko Bitenc is an award winning entrepreneur in the health and molecular diagnostics market. His work is based on the science and technology of molecular diagnostics, metabolomics and genetic testing and oncology related screening tests. His passion is developing a successful international venture with great monetary and social impact.

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Marko Bitenc completed his Masters of Science on cellular/molecular biotechnology at Wageningen University, in Netherlands. He was also a member of the GSP-10 Singularity University global solutions program in Moffet Field, California, which focused on creating moonshot innovations to positively transform the future of humanity.

He went on to be the founder and CINO of Universal Diagnostics in 2012, a company that is solving early detection of cancer with a simple blood sample. Prior to Universal DX, Marko Bitenc founded GenePlanet in 2008, of which he is currently CEO. GenePlanet is a developing diagnostic and lifestyle genetic tests.

Marko Bitenc is a highly decorated entrepreneur. He won 1st prize at the 2007 MIT International Genetically Engineered Machine competition in Health & Medicine, with a novel synthetic biology approach against HIV-1 virus – 'virotrap'. He went on to be the winner of the MEDy Most Disruptive Company of the year at Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego. He has also been awarded the Golden Innovation of the year in Slovenia and awarded the best business plan at the PODIM conference.