Linda O'Grady Technical Underwriting Manager Life & Health Products

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Linda O'Grady is Vice President and Technical Underwriting Manager on the North America Underwriting Team.

Linda joined Swiss Re in 2001, as Assistant Vice-President in the DI underwriting unit where she was involved in disability insurance, group LTD medical underwriting and project management. In 2008, following amalgamation with the Life underwriting department, Linda expanded her underwriting scope to include Life insurance, Accelerated benefits for Chronic and Critical illness, Medicare Supplement coverage, along with Disability, Critical illness and LTD medical underwriting. In addition to her responsibilities with facultative Life, Health and Group medical underwriting, Linda is involved in underwriting innovation for Canada. Linda is a member of the Canadian Living Benefits Seminar executive and past chair of the committee (2016-2017).
Linda's underwriting experience spans more than 30 years.

Prior to joining Swiss Re 20 years ago, she was involved in DI product development along with managing a large team of underwriters for a major North American Disability Insurance carrier.

Linda graduated with a B.A. in English from The University of Waterloo and in her spare time, enjoys reading, yoga and painting.