Läslo Evers Head of the R&D Seismology and Acoustics department, KNMI and Professor of Seismo-Acoustics Delft University of Technology

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Läslo Evers is head of the R&D Seismology and Acoustics department at KNMI and Professor of Seismo-Acoustics at Delft University of Technology.

His research interests focus around seismo-acoustic waves in the solid earth, oceans and atmosphere. Studying such waves allows for identifying sources in the different geophysical media. Furthermore, changes in media can be monitored by evaluating the propagation velocity of seismo-acoustic waves. Both deterministic transient signals, from eg earthquakes, and ambient noise are used to address changes in the deep-ocean temperature or upper atmospheric wind and temperature structure. Applications are also found in forensic seismo-acoustics, where such waves are used to verify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. Läslo Evers studied Geophysics (Seismology and Exploration Geophysics) at Utrecht University, where he obtained his MSc degree in 1996.

While working at KNMI, he received his PhD degree in 2008 from TU Delft for the study of infrasonic waves, where he was appointed as Professor in 2015.