Juerg Busenhart Consultant Casualty Desk China Reinsurance Casualty Underwriting

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Juerg Busenhart is retired and supports Casualty Treaty underwriting in China as consultant.

He joined Swiss Re in 1996 and worked as senior liability product manager in Swiss Re's Property&Casualty Reinsurance Products Centre organization. He hold various product management functions in Single Risk and Reinsurance business, was supporting as senior risk manager the oversight of Property&Casualty risks in Swiss Re's Risk Management function and acted as expert in specialized liability issues, liability insurance/reinsurance solutions and emerging risks. He lead Swiss Re's Group Centre of Competence Environmental Liability and was member of the Insurance Europe Liability/Insurability Working Group and Environmental Liability Project Group as well as of working groups of the Swiss Insurance Association.

He worked in the chemical industry and graduated from the University of Zurich with a master in law. He joined Swiss Re after working for several years as senior liability insurance specialist and head of product development in primary insurance.