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Jerome Jean Haegeli Group Chief Economist Swiss Re Institute

As Group Chief Economist for Swiss Re, Jérôme is responsible for the economic and insurance market research. He is also the managing editor for the sigma series.

Jérôme leads the global research teams located in Zurich, New York, Bangalore, Beijing and Hong Kong and provides macro and interest rate forecasts and associated consulting services for the Group. He steers the scenario analysis and group plan projections while leading efforts on contributing to a sound global financial market architecture and making the world more resilient.

Jérôme served as Co-Chair of the World Bank's Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) Advisory Council. He is particularly active in external committees at the Institute of International Finance and the WEF and participates in roundtable discussions with policymakers; this to strengthen the positive dual role of the insurance sector as a long-term investor and risk absorber. Jérôme represents Swiss Re in the Global Asia Insurance Partnership (GAIP) in Singapore as a Board member.

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