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Ina Noll Senior Business Development Manager, Swiss Re Institute 瑞再研究院高级业务发展经理

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Ina Noll joined the Swiss Re Institute in November 2017. In her role as Senior Business Development Manager, she designs and arranges conferences and client events, executive programmes and facilitates innovation sprints and client workshops. She is a certified business facilitator/moderator and online trainer.

Since 2015, Ina moderates and leads Insurance Management Simulation workshops for Swiss Re Institute around the world. She was also involved in the redesign of the IMS software and course program.

In her previous role at Swiss Re, Ina was the subject matter expert for Finance Training globally at Swiss Re Academy from 2010 to 2012. Her responsibilities included the global Finance training portfolio, developing new course offerings for employees and graduates, and managing various projects.

From 2001 to 2010, Ina held different roles in Project Management and Business Engineering at SIX Swiss Exchange, and the Australian Stock Exchange. Within the Structured Products area, her main tasks were to develop a warrants online course and other educational courses.

Trained in Banking and Finance, Ina worked from 1988 to 2000 at Dresdner Bank AG, covering a range of responsibilities like fixed income sales, equity derivative product development, and options and futures trading.

Ina Noll holds a Master of Banking and Finance (Diplom-Betriebswirtin) from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Ina Noll 于 2017 年 11 月加入瑞再研究院。作为高级业务发展经理,她设计和举办会议、客户活动及各种高管培训课程,她还经常主持创新策划活动和客户研讨会。她本人是经过认证的业务讨论课程讲师/主讲人,及在线培训师。

从 2015 年开始,Ina 主持和领导了全球范围内的瑞再研究院保险管理实务(IMS)培训。此外,她还参与了 IMS 软件和课程计划的更新和升级设计工作。

在开始现在的工作之前,她曾在2010 年至 2012年作为瑞士再保险全球财务培训专家,负责全球财务培训、为员工和毕业生开发全新培训课程,并管理多类项目。

从 2001 年到 2010 年,Ina 曾在瑞士证券交易所和澳大利亚证券交易所的项目管理与商业工程部门担任不同的职务。在结构化产品领域,她的主要任务是开发权证线上课程和其他教育课程。

Ina 接受过银行与金融方面的培训,并且从 1988 年至 2000 年曾在德累斯顿银行任职,所负责的工作包括固定收益产品销售、股票衍生产品开发,以及期权与期货交易。

Ina Noll 拥有法兰克福金融管理学院银行金融学硕士学位(企业管理硕士)。