Helga Portmann Head of Insurance Supervision Division Federal Office of Public Health, Switzerland

Helga Portmann has headed the Insurance Supervision Division of the Federal Office of Public Health since 2008.

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In addition to overseeing and regulating health and accident insurers, her responsibilities include advising the Federal Council and Parliament on all matters relating to the Swiss health insurance system.

Helga Portmann has strengthened supervision of health insurers and improved transparency in the sector, drafting a new bill to this effect and steering it through the parliamentary process. She joined the FOPH from Ernst & Young, where she advised financial service providers on risk management. Prior to this, Helga Portmann established the Group Supervision unit within the Swiss Federal Office of Private Insurance and for several years led the department for Group and Conglomerate Supervision. In this capacity, she represented Switzerland in various multilateral organisations. Helga Portmann holds a degree in actuarial science and statistics from the University of Bern and is a full member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries.