Helenqa Haapio Assistant Professor of Business Law University of Vaasa / International Contract Counsel, Lexpert Ltd

After completing legal studies at the University of Turku, Finland, and Cambridge University, England, Helena Haapio served as in-house Legal Counsel in Europe and the United States. Based in Helsinki, Finland, she consults worldwide.

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A pioneer of the proactive approach, where contracts and law are seen as enablers rather than obstacles, she has for many years promoted the use of simplification and visualization in commercial contracts. Since her doctoral dissertation on Next Generation Contracts her multi-disciplinary research focuses on ways to transform contracts from legal instruments to valuable business tools.

For more information, see Visual Law: What Lawyers Need to Learn from Information Designers.

She is a Fellow and a member of the Advisory Council of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, IACCM and the founder and co-leader of the ProActive ThinkTank.

She also acts as arbitrator in cross-border contract disputes.