Fred Hattermann Senior Scientist PIK

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Dr. Fred Fokko Hattermann is a senior scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, where he is studying the impacts of global change on water resources, extremes and vegetation at the regional and continental scale.

He is the head of the Research Area "Regional Impacts and Adaptation Strategies" within the Department "Climate Impacts and Vulnerabilities". Part of his work is the integrated analysis of climate and land-use scenarios and how they influence the water nexus (regional water balances, agriculture, energy production and water quality of river basins). Sustainable adaptation strategies are analysed in communication with local stakeholders and experts. Prior to that, his work at PIK had mainly focussed on the modelling of flood events. He has extensive experience in project management and coordination. His current projects include river basins and regions in Europe, Africa, South America and China.