David Piesse CEO, DP88

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David Piesse is CEO of a family office, DP88, specialising in data driven InsurTech initiatives in Asia.

He is the Global Insurance Evangelist and advisory board of Guardtime a leading cybersecurity company and blockchain provider specializing in cryptography for data integrity. Their keyless signature infrastructure (KSI) invented in Estonia, is utilized across the defence industry, governments, supply chain, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications and manufacturing verticals. They have an underlying application for data privacy laws such as GDPR. 

In May 2018 he participated with EY, Guardtime, Maersk and members of the insurance industry launched InsurWave the first global commercial insurance blockchain backed platform to enter production commencing with marine insurance. He has made several trips to Estonia to learn how integrity was guaranteed to the rules for electronic services utilized by the citizens, the public, and private sectors.

He is also on the Advisory board of Ultimate Risk Solutions implementing enterprise risk management and economic capital modelling in the Asia Pacific specialising in reinsurance optimisation, risk-based capital pricing and asset liability matching.

Chairman of the International Insurance Society Ambassadors (IIS) he assists the management introduce new programs to extend membership and introduce localized content.

He has held numerous positions in a 40-year career including Global Insurance Lead for SUN Microsystems, Asia Pacific Chairman for Unirisx, United Nations Risk Management Consultant, Canadian government roles and staring career in Lloyds of London and associated market.

He is currently involved in numerous startups for exponential technologies for blockchain and AI across multiple vertical industries.

He is an Asia Pacific specialist having lived in Asia 30 years with educational background at the British Computer Society and the Chartered Insurance Institute. On July 2017 he received the Kenneth Black Jr. Distinguished Service Award from the International Insurance Society.