Daniel Eckhart SRI Advocate Swiss Re Institute

I joined Swiss Re over twenty years ago - it is a very special company that has long become family to me. With its people and its powerful purpose of making the world more resilient, I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it. All the more so in my new role as Advocate for the Swiss Re Institute, a place where we bring together the experts from around the world for the future-driven thinking we need to make our world better, safer and more sustainable for coming generations.

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As Advocate I connect topics and people, reach out and engage, share and promote to ensure the best minds come together to address the big challenges of the future. I'm deeply interested in the potential - and the dangers - the future holds and, as I'm a professional storyteller, I'll write about learnings, experiences and scenarios.

Specialties: Screenwriting, writing, communication, social media evangelist, community builder, collaboration expert.

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