Conrad Wolfram Strategic Director and European Co-Founder/CEO Wolfram Research

Conrad Wolfram, physicist, mathematician, and technologist, is Strategic Director and European co-founder/CEO of the Wolfram group of companies - described as the "computation company" and uniquely operating at the intersection of computation, data and knowledge.

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Wolfram technology and consulting solutions drives innovation in data analytics, software development and modelling from start ups to Fortune 500 companies, in industries as diverse as medicine, finance and telecoms. Wolfram technologies include Mathematica software, the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine (powering knowledge answers for Apple's Siri), Enterprise Private Cloud and the Wolfram Language.

Conrad is recognised as a thought leader on computation and also for the reform of technical education, advocating a fundamental shift to focus on computer-based computational thinking rather than hand calculation. He founded (CBM) to drive implementation of the change—now a worldwide force in re-engineering the curriculum with early projects in Estonia, Ireland, Sweden and Africa. Conrad attended Eton College and holds degrees in natural sciences and maths from University of Cambridge.