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Christoph Nabholz and his team provide applied R&D aimed at improving the understanding of trends and developments in consumer behaviour, morbidity and mortality. Insights are applied to strengthen the performance and innovation of Life & Health insurance products and provide added value services to Swiss Re's clients. His team's research and collaborations with leading research institutions and insurance corporates, allow them to develop forward-looking views on key strategic topics. These include scenarios on pandemic risk, genetic testing, novel diagnostics, ageing populations and consumer behaviour, with the aim to inform Swiss Re's underwriting and capital steering framework.

Christoph Nabholz started at Swiss Re in 2002 in Swiss Re Global Life & Health Underwriting. From 2007 to 2016 he headed Business Development at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. Previously, he was a postdoctoral research fellow in genomics and functional genetics at Harvard University. He received a diploma in biochemistry from the University of Basel and a PhD with honours in molecular genetics from the University of Freiburg in Switzerland.

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