Christina Kehl Managing Director & Board Member Swiss Finance Startups

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Christina Kehl co-founded Swiss Finance Startups (SFS), Switzerland's first association of fintech startups, in 2014 while she was the COO at Knip AG. Knip is the first mobile-based insurance broker worldwide that she co-founded in Zurich in 2013.

After the successful completion of a USD 15 million investment round at Knip in 2015, Christina was able to shift her focus to the fintech work at SFS. There she actively promotes the development of the Swiss fintech industry through high level financial industry and political advocacy. As a startup founder and fintech expert, Christina is a regularly featured in the media and invited to speak at forums and conferences.

Christina was born in Germany, and studied law in Würzburg, Helsinki and Oxford. She founded her first company at the age of 19 and helped build several startups in Berlin and London before coming to Zurich in 2013.