Chathan Cooke Principal Research Engineer Member of IEEE

Dr. Chathan Cooke is a Senior Member of IEEE with years of participation in CIGRE working groups.

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He graduated in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.  Presently he is a lecturer and a lead researcher at MIT with specialties in dielectrics, sensors, high-voltage systems, wireless power, electronics and power apparatus.  He is also a Professor of electrical engineering at Suffolk University, Boston.  He has extensive experience on power transformer diagnostics and on-line monitoring.  He has worked with many power industry utilities and suppliers of power apparatus both in the US and in Europe and Asia.

Dr. Cooke’s MIT academic experience includes teaching a diverse range of courses from Plasma Physics, to Control Systems, to Electronic Circuits.  Recent basic research topics include ultrasonic diagnostics of insulators, power systems for all-electric ships, DC circuit breakers, and geomagnetic disturbances to power systems.