Catherine Burger Head Advisors & Partnerships Swiss Re Institute

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Catherine is currently responsible for Swiss Re's advisory networks, which include the Strategic Council and Emerging Markets advisors as well as the Swiss Re Institute's partnerships with over 30 world leading academic institutions and NGOs.

Prior to the current role, she set up Growth Market Networks as well as Public Private Partnership for Swiss Re's public sector origination team (2011-2018). When she first joined Swiss Re in 2002 (- 2008) she headed up Networks & Research at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue.

2008-2011 she built up and led the Credit Suisse Research Institute and was in charge of Credit Suisse's Senior Advisors network for Credit Suisse's Chairman of the Board and regional presidents.

Prior to her career in the corporate sector, Catherine worked for the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum in London where she drove a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaign with business leaders and media (2000 – 2001), resp. developed and headed up the Global Leaders for Tomorrow (now Young Global Leaders) network (1997 – 2000) at the World Economic Forum.

Catherine was a lecturer on Corporate Social Responsibility at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Northwestern Switzerland from 2003-2013.

She obtained a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Harvard University and a Master of Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science.