Béatrice Conde-Petit Food Safety Officer Bühler AG

Béatrice Conde-Petit holds the position of Group Expert and Food Safety Officer at Bühler, a leading solution provider of industrial plants, process technology, automation and services for the grains and food industry.

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She joined Bühler in 2008 and is currently responsible for the Bühler Food Safety Initiative at the group level, and drives strategic innovation projects at the interface between science, engineering and business, and in collaboration with external partners. Her activities focus on technology solutions to control food safety hazards along the feed and food value chain with emphasis on mycotoxin reduction, thermal and new non-thermal microbial inactivation technologies and process control solutions. She is also responsible for the Bühler Food Safety Academy and drives a Food Safety & Technology education program reaching out to Bühler employees and customers.

Before joining Bühler Béatrice has worked at ETH Zurich for 20 years in the field of Food Technology and Food Material Science as researcher, lecturer and consultant to the international food industry and public organizations.

Béatrice Conde-Petit has a background in food engineering and has received her Diploma and PhD from ETH Zurich.

Béatrice Conde-Petit was a speaker at the conference "Insuring food safety: What's on the menu?"