Andreas Caduff CEO and Founder Biovotion AG

Andreas Caduff, PhD, was born in 1971 and is a Swiss citizen. He held various positions in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

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In his previous position he was serving as CTO of Solianis, where he orchestrated the overall technology and product development, experimental/ clinical study strategies, regulatory considerations, interaction with the industrial/scientific community, regulatory bodies as well as the investor’s community.

He is an expert in physiological monitoring techniques and involved physiological/metabolic processes, combining the expertise in various fields relevant to the development, industrialisation and commercialisation of wearable monitoring technologies.

Andreas Caduff is a frequent invited speaker at industrial and scientific conferences and meetings on physiological monitoring, mobile health and related subjects. He has innovated numerous patents and co-authored several dozen scientific publications in peer reviewed journals.

In 2011, he founded Biovotion, an organisation developing specialised non-invasive physiological monitoring concepts and mHealth applications, where he is serving as CEO.