Anda Baharav CEO and Co-founder HypnoCore-SleepRate

Dr. Anda Baharav holds Physics and Medicine degrees from Tel Aviv University. She specialized in Pediatrics and Sleep Medicine.

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In her research at the Medical Physics Department of Tel Aviv University, she integrated clinical and physiological studies with signal processing. Beside her clinical activity in academic centers, Dr.  Baharav conducted research on Autonomic Nervous System function during normal and pathological sleep. She mentored graduate students, published in peer reviewed journals, and holds several patents. She is leading research on sleep and performance in young athletes at the Wingate Israeli National Sports Institute.

Dr. Baharav is the co-founder and CEO at HypnoCore-SleepRate, a company with the vision to make sleep evaluation and efficient digital Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for sleep deficiencies available for the millions of people who suffer quietly and have no relief.