Alvise Simondetti Global Leader Virtual Design Arup

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Alvise Simondetti, registered architect in Italy, has been formally educated in architecture, town planning, conservation, and computation. He believes that successful design cannot be separated from tools. He is a Fulbright Scholar and a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. William J. Mitchell. In 1997-2000 he was assistant professor of the school of design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with Professor John Frazer.

He joined Arup in 2000, were he is now an associate in the Foresight, Research and Innovation team in Arup, currently exploring applications of Machine Learning to Architecture Engineering Construction industry. He is responsible for the business development of synthetic environments. Alvise sat on Autodesk IDEAS advisory board 2011-16. Alvise supervised PhDs in the Computer Science Departments at Imperial College and UCL working respectively on “Computationally unifying urban master planning” (2014), “Management and Visualisation of Non-linear History of 3D Models” (2015) (now and a current one on Active Learning application to the Built Environment.