Alex N. Bahizi Chief Executive Officer BK General Insurance Company Ltd

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Alex is the Chief Executive Officer of BK General Insurance Company Ltd and has been with Bank of Kigali since 2010. He previously headed Legal Services and Debt Recovery.

Trained in both Civil Law and Common Law Legal Families, Alex commands authority in major legal and business sectors like corporate and commercial transactions, banking, insurance, shareholder rights, secured Transactions, Mergers and Acquisitions. A trained lawyer in international commercial law with a blend of MBA in strategic management, he has great understanding of corporate governance, risk management, business processes and structures and has adequate ability to lead teams.

Prior to joining Bank of Kigali, Alex was a state attorney in the National Social Security Fund. He was also a key member of the reform team in charge of modernizing the social security and pension industry including redesigning the pension structure in Rwanda’s biggest social security organisation and reshaping its long-term business model.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Laws from the National University of Rwanda, a Master of Laws majoring in International Commercial Law from The Robert Gordon University, United Kingdom. He holds a certificate of Arbitration from the London Chartered Institute of Arbitration and has completed an MBA in Strategic Management at Mount Kenya University.