Justin Excell Head Rates & Trade Execution

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Justin Excell joined Swiss Re in 2008 as Global Head of Rates, and is responsible for managing Government Bonds, Agency Bonds and the overall duration of the portfolio. Additionally, Justin is the CIO for the 'Reinsurance' Business Unit, and sits on the Reinsurance Management Team.
Professional experience
Justin has had a twenty-six year career trading and managing Bonds Interest Rates risks at Swiss Re and top tier Investment Banks in London, Tokyo and Frankfurt. Before joining Swiss Re, Justin and four partners founded a sizeable Fixed Income Hedge Fund in 2005. In 2000, Justin joined Barclays Capital as Head of the European Government Bond trading desk, and was later promoted to Deputy Head of European and UK Rates Trading business. From 1997 to 2000 Justin was Deputy Head of the European Government Trading desk at Deutsche Bank.
Educational background
  • Honours Degree in Business, University of Portsmouth, England
April 2017