Swiss Re AIR

Helping cities to tackle peak pollution

Many cities around the world are struggling with extreme air pollution. Road transport, for example, is estimated by the World Health Organization to be responsible for 50% of particulate matter (PM) emissions in OECD countries. In European cities it's 30%. High pollution levels impede the health and quality of life of the people living and working there. It also affects tourism.

Some progressive cities are already taking steps to introduce green technology and infrastructure in order to meet ambitious air quality targets. And yet, this requires transition time. So, despite active mitigation measures, extreme pollution peaks will still occur for some time ahead, requiring immediate action to bring levels down. Often this involves reducing car traffic for a few days and increasing public transport.

Our innovative solution enables cities to mobilise swift air pollution emergency response measures and improve their risk resilience profile.

Swiss Re offers an innovative insurance solution that provides quick cash payments for public measures when peak air pollution levels occur, under the name of Swiss Re AIR. It's designed to help cities tackle extreme air pollution with lower impact on their balance sheets. Payments can be deployed to address a variety of needs, for example offering free or subsidised public transport services. This way, cities are better able to meet air quality targets and improve the quality of life of their citizens.

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