World Economic Forum Davos 2017

Why insurance will shape a more resilient, sustainable and equitable world

We live in a fast-paced and interconnected world where breakthrough technologies, demographic shifts and political transformations have far-reaching societal and economic consequences. More than ever, leaders need to share insights and innovations on how to best navigate the future.

Swiss Re will attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, January 16-20 2017, to take part in this important leadership journey. Our delegation will also share some of the many things our company is doing to contribute to a more resilient world.

How insurance enables the sustainable development goals

Many of the key topics on the agenda in Davos are also reflected in the UN's 17 sustainable development goals - goals that Swiss Re has signed up to, and which we address every day as part of our fundamental business model. This, very often in partnership with governments, corporations and NGOs. Some of these partnerships allow for much faster insurance payouts to countries and cities, helping them to respond and recover faster if hit by a natural catastrophe or pandemic threat. This not only saves lives, but can also help alleviate longer-term impacts on the economy.

Swiss Re also seeks to influence policy developments that will help bridge the gap between critical infrastructure investment needs and available funds. Ultimately, this will be a catalyst for many countries to attract necessary investment, and help grow and develop their economies.

We also work diligently to give access to insurance protection to those who need it most, like the Kenyan herders who struggle to keep their animals alive through recurring droughts, or small entrepreneurs in Guatemala striving for a better future.

What will the future look like? The annual World Economic Forum is an important place for leaders to learn about the latest developments in science, industry and society – in turn these insights help us as a company and an industry to develop more relevant, affordable and accessible insurance solutions.

Join us for the journey!

Follow us on social media in Davos on @SwissRe or @SwissRe_GP and LinkedIn with the hashtags #WEF, #Davos. If you wish to take part in sessions from WEF Davos yourself, you can access them livestreamed here.

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