World Economic Forum Davos 2016

Swiss Re supports Groundbreaking Partnerships to make Resilience a Reality

Two quotes spring to mind in the wake of WEF Davos 2016, where the main theme - the 4th Industrial Revolution - suggests the loss of 20 million jobs, and the ensuing erosion of the middle classes. But if approached the right way, it can also spur new mindsets, and shape new opportunities.

The first quote is by Buckminster Fuller, an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer and inventor. He said: ”You'll never create change by fighting an existing reality. We need to build new models that make the existing models obsolete.”

The second quote is by Klaus Schwab, who in the shadow of the plummeting financial markets; migrant and humanitarian crises; climate change and technological disruption; snipers; black limos and growing doubt in the ability of world leaders to successfully manage the mounting global challenges, said: “We have to re-establish a sense that we all are in the same boat.”

Swiss Re's vision is to make the world a more resilient place, by pricing risk; partnering to narrow essential protection gaps; and help quantify the cost of decisions NOT taken. In this context we'd like to share a couple of Swiss Re's partnerships and engagements in Davos that attempt to transform the theory of resilience into practical action – one small step at a time. 

Swiss Re hosted dialogue on innovative partnership between the ICRC and the Belgian government, to launch a Humanitarian Impact Bond

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