Our commitment to the United Nations to strengthen climate resilience

By the end of 2019, we offered 120 sovereigns and sub-sovereigns USD 10 billion in climate protection

Swiss Re Public Sector Solutions is dedicated to helping national and municipal governments, and cities strengthen their resilience strategies. By the end of 2019, we had advised 120 sovereigns and sub-sovereigns on climate risk resilience and offered them a total of USD 10 billion in re/insurance protection.

This reflects the significant progress Swiss Re has made on its commitment to the United Nations. Personally addressing government leaders at the 2014 UN Climate Summit in New York City, our then Group CEO Michel M. Liès made the following pledge:

By the year 2020, Swiss Re commits to having advised 50 sovereigns and sub-sovereigns on climate risk resilience and to having offered them USD 10 billion against this risk.
Michel M. Liès, Swiss Re's CEO in 2014, United Nations' Climate Summit in September 2014

We have agreed with the United Nations to publicly report on the progress we are making on this commitment.

Many of the innovative insurance transactions we have completed offer coverage from natural catastrophes and weather volatility (eg drought or excessive rainfall). With climate change expected to increase such risks, we expect these and future transactions to also help communities strengthen their climate resilience.

Read more in Swiss Re's Corporate Responsibility Report.

Swiss Re's UN commitment

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