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COVID has our attention out of necessity – but climate change is a systemic problem that we need to tackle. Decisions taken this year on climate will be critical in whether we have a chance to minimise further damage to the planet and make 2021a turning point.

Ambitious targets for global climate action set by the Paris Agreement have created the catalyst for response in both public and private sectors. The huge, ongoing task is to implement effective strategies for accelerating this extensive transformation. Immediate action, transformative and just policy changes can help be the catalyst for such rapid progress on climate. Inaction is not an option. The world economy could be 10% smaller if the 2050 net-zero emissions and Paris Agreement targets on climate are not met.

We believe that the progress being made across business could be accelerated by governments intervening at a system level. 

What is the economic impact of climate change on countries and how well equipped are they to weather the impact? What is preventing them being better-equipped and how can these blockers be overcome?

These are the questions we will discuss at the webinar dedicated to fostering conversation among senior public servants and industry experts. We will share insights from Swiss Re's Economics of Climate Change Report and Nat Cat sigma, based on unique datasets that assess how governments could be impacted economically by the climate of the future.

​Contributing to the global debate

We believe that comprehensive risk management approaches and insurance have an important part to play when it comes to building and accelerating resilience strategies for society and the economy.