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Global Partnerships

Building resilience to major shocks is a mounting priority for many governments. The reasons are clear: pre-emptive disaster risk management can reduce the impact of natural catastrophes and put an early halt to pandemics. Rapid insurance payouts help to save more lives, speed up recovery and reduce long-term impact on the economy. Ultimately, planning ahead makes countries and cities safer and more attractive to citizens and investors. It also strengthens their ability to meet the future.

Global Partnerships is dedicated to helping national & municipal governments, and cities to strengthen their resilience. We're also committed to improving access to insurance for risk-exposed low-income communities. Together, we can shape a more resilient world!

Public sector solutions

In the past decade, 70% of the economic losses caused by natural disasters were uninsured. Although the total economic loss amount may sometimes appear relatively small, its impact on the economy can be significant if the insurance penetration is low. We call the difference between insured and economic losses the protection gap. But the threats countries and communities face are not just linked to natural catastrophes, they increasingly include pandemics, cyber and terrorism.

Swiss Re has developed more than 400 risk management solutions in the past few years in partnership with governments to help them tackle the rising impacts of uninsured economic losses on their fiscal balance sheets, and to the broader economy and society as a whole. Interested to know more? You'll find stories and other content about our public sector risk solutions below:

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Swiss Re has pioneered tailored risk management solutions for the public sector for more than a decade, ranging from sovereign risk transfer, the creation of national insurance schemes, pandemic cover and insurance for the most vulnerable. Learn more about the different options through our publications, fact sheets and videos.


Contributing to the global debate

At Swiss Re we firmly believe we are smarter together!

We work in partnership with organisations like the United Nations, The World Economic Forum and the World Bank, and others, to build resilience and develop effective responses to global challenges like climate change and fast moving technical development.

Learn more about what we are doing to contribute to the global debate here:


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