Life & Health focus: an eye to the future

Today's changing industry and social landscapes constantly push us to think about new approaches and new ways to be prepared – and ultimately to help consumers better prepare – for what lies ahead. At Swiss Re, we always look for ways to help our clients reach more consumers with better solutions and ultimately, ensure more people around the world have the life and health insurance protection they need.

Opportunities in Latin America

The strong economic growth the region has experienced during the past decade has driven increased employment, income and savings, and also penetration of life insurance products. However, the aggregate mortality protection gap for eight analyzed markets¹ amounted to USD 7.2 trillion (138% of GDP) in 2012, up from USD 3.1 trillion in 2003, revealed the Swiss Re study: The mortality protection gap in Latin America.

Mortality protection is the core of life insurance, with almost no substitutes available from outside the industry. Hence, life insurers are uniquely positioned to help society close the gap. Our L&H team in Latin America is keen to help and engage with our clients to capture this tremendous opportunity, which is already there now, not only in the future.

Listening to the continent

At Swiss Re, we work close to our clients, we exchange the latest information on new ideas for products, underwriting procedures and sales channels, but it still seems to be a huge challenge to convince consumers of the importance of life insurance coverage. Although Latin American life insurance penetration has increased continuously in recent years and reached 1.28% in 2012, it remains below the worldwide average of 3.69%.

Based on that, we decided to ask customers directly about their precise needs, and to find out more about what was preventing them from buying insurance cover. Latin America Customer Survey Report 2013: Capturing future opportunities provides useful ideas and specific suggestions to insurers on what can be done to ensure future success and to win a major share of an important population segment.

Latin America has an enormous growth potential for the life insurance industry to develop affordable and accessible life protection and savings products. Swiss Re looks forward to exploring this potential with you.




The mortality protection gap in Latin America





Latin America Customer Survey Report 2013: Capturing future opportunities





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Report 2013: Capturing future opportunities


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