Flood risks in Brazil

The population in Brazil exposed to flood risks is likely to increase from 33 million today to 43 million in 2030. The annual expected losses are estimated to rise from USD 1.4 billion to USD 4 billion. Prevention, adaptation and risk transfer measures could allow Brazil to avoid pitfalls in its socio-economic development.

A new regulatory framework and greater public-private collaboration is necessary for flood risk management in Brazil. A functioning insurance market, flood microinsurance, re/insurance of public infrastructure and other public sector risk solutions are amongst the options to protect the country from the impact of flooding – the most frequent, costly and difficult type of climatic events to manage in urban areas.

We believe that the dialogue between the insurance industry and the government, together with new tools and distribution channels, would enable insurers to offer attractive solutions. Swiss Re has the knowledge, the tools and the experience to contribute. We are at the disposal of the Brazilian insurance market and the public authorities in the country to work together on making the society more resilient to such a natural catastrophes.

Promoting dialogue

Swiss Re has encouraged the dialogue on Flood Risks in Brazil, throughout seminars, publications, researches, among other initiatives. Furthermore, Swiss Re has applied your knowledge and expertise on the development of new tools and solutions for the local market. Find out more!

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