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We, Swiss Reinsurance Company Japan Branch, in carrying out the reinsurance operations based upon the trust by customers, deeply recognize the importance of the protection of personal information, adhere to Privacy Protection Law, its supplementary regulations and Guidelines relating to the privacy protection in the financial sector and so on, and put appropriate treatment of personal information into practice.

Collection of personal information

We collect personal information through legal and fair means to the extent necessary to conduct business.

Objectives of utilization of personal information

We specify the objectives of the use of personal information as below, and utilize them within the defined scope of objectives and to the extent necessary in the conduct of business:

Underwriting, maintenance and administration of reinsurance contracts;

1. Payment of reinsurance claims and benefits;
2. Provision of information to our operations and enhancement of administration, products and services;
3. Other operations related to reinsurance business

Safety management of personal information

We designate the person responsible for the management of personal information, and, to prevent a leakage, loss or damage, and to protect against undue access to personal data, we take the following safety measures, and adhere to them:

1. Organizational safety management measurement
2. Human safety management measurement
3. Physical safety management measurement
4. Technical safety management measurement

In case where we outsource the treatment of personal data, we set up criteria for selecting the outsourcing company, checking its information management system in advance and monitor its operation during the engagement period to ensure the protection of personal information.

Provision of personal data to a third party

We in principle obtain the individual’s agreement if and when providing personal data to a third party. However, it may not be the case under the following circumstances:

1. Required by law
2. Outsourced to the extent necessary to operations

Request for disclosure, amendment, suspension of use etc. on under Privacy Protection Law

We will handle the request properly in consultation with the original insurance company for disclosure, amendment, suspension of use of the personal information of an individual if requested by the individual upon verifying the personal identity.

Contact for consultation on the treatment of personal information

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Policy concerning the protection of personal information and continuous improvement

We thoroughly educate and train employees, and continuously make a review and improvement to strengthen the protection of personal information.

Atsuhiro Dodo: Person in Charge for Management of Personal Information.

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1 October 2012
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