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26 Sep 2012

Bank of America Merrill Lynch 17th Annual Banking & Insurance CEO Conference, London
Michel M. Liès, Group CEO

20 Sep 2012

Sanford C. Bernstein’s 9th Annual Pan-European Strategic Decisions Conference, London
Christian Mumenthaler, CEO Reinsurance

20 Sep 2012

UBS Best of Switzerland, Wolfsberg
George Quinn, Group CFO

10 Sep 2012

Investor and media meeting at Monte Carlo 2012

Michel M. Liès, Group CEO
Christian Mumenthaler, CEO Reinsurance
Matthias Weber, Group Chief Underwriting Officer

22 Jun 2012

Vontobel Summer Conference 2012, Interlaken
Thierry Léger, Head Globals, Member of Group Management Board

13 Jun 2012

Goldman Sachs 16th European Financials Conference, Brussels
George Quinn, CFO

30 May 2012

Commerzbank Sustainability Conference, Frankfurt
David Bresch, Head of Sustainability & Political Risk Management

17 Apr 2012

Investors' Day 2012, London

Event presentations and audio

29 Mar 2012

Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference 2012, London
Thierry Léger, Member of Group Management Board, Head Globals

28 Mar 2012

Kepler Swiss 2012 Seminar, Zurich
Christian Mumenthaler, CEO Reinsurance

15 Mar 2012

Nomura European Sustainable and Responsible Investment Conference, Paris

13 Jan 2012

Helvea Swiss Equities Conference 2012, Bad Ragaz
George Quinn, CFO