Investor Relations - Media Relations App for iPad®


Swiss Re Investor Relations & Media Relations app for iPad

Access, download and view Swiss Re's financial and corporate information on the iPad, anytime, anyplace.

The Swiss Re IR-MR App gives you online and offline access to our latest media releases, recent and previous financial reports, sigma publications, an events calendar, and much more.

Other features include:

  • Analyst and investor presentations
  • Business reports
  • Presentations
  • Economic Value Management (EVM) presentations and reports
  • Workbooks of non-life reserves
  • Corporate responsibility reports
  • Share monitor
  • Contacts
  • Directions

The Investor Relations & Media Relations app is available free of charge and is not exclusive to the clients of Investor and Media Relations. It can be used by anyone who would like to stay informed of the latest developments at our company. With the app, you can browse through the latest automatically uploaded content. And you don’t have to be continually online to use it: Once you have downloaded what interests you, you can leave it aside and view it offline later.

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  • Category Business
  • Size 6.3MB
  • Languages English
  • Requirements Compatible with iPad®. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Can I also use it on my iPhone®?
The App works best on the iPad® as it was designed for that device (size, navigation, imagery).

Is it available on iTunes®?
Yes, it is available on iTunes®, everybody can download for free.

Is it available on Android-devices?
No, the App was not developed for Android.

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