Using human motivation, behaviour tech & karma to engage and improve elderly life

Societies are ageing rapidly. More older people are living alone, and increasingly we are seeking solutions to healthy living around technology, such as sensors apps and alarms.

However, these do not address one of the most serious problems confronting many elderly people and their mental health, which is loneliness.

Scientists have been fascinated by the village of Acciaroli in Italy, where one in ten residents live to 100. Clean air and good, fresh diet were both drivers in this longevity. However, the most important two factors proved to be social integration and close relationships. It is difficult to recreate the conditions in Acciaroli accurately; however, it is possible to think how technology can be an inclusive tool towards social interaction and cohesion.

GoQii does not pretend to have a solution to loneliness, but believes it can make a contribution. GoQii believes health in any age is not a data or understanding problem, but one of motivation. To counter this, GoQii is developing its senior ecosystem. Within these ecosystems, seniors receive a coach to mentor and guide them over whichever channel they feel more comfortable with. These coaches are trained and continually backed up through experts in senior care and communication. They physically visit their charges once a month, with discussions not medically focused, but focused on social welfare. GoQii is further trying to develop physical communities around schools, gyms and community centres. A further feature is a Sunday morning 'walk with the doc', led by local doctors for their patients. The final part of integration is a family app, which brings connections across the generations.

The distinguishing feature of GoQii, however, is its ability to build community. It does this through karma points. Health and welfare gains are registered on the site and are transformed into donations to chosen charities. The key is to be preventative; GoQii is not a post treatment support site. Moreover, the key with seniors is face time – unlike millennials, they will not trust user recommendations on Amazon or anywhere else. Check out the site for yourself -

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