A nutritional debate with Gary Taubes and Michael Lean

There's no doubt that good nutrition plays a role in helping us feel fit and healthy, but how far does it go towards helping chronic health conditions?

Lean and Taubes took part in the Swiss Re Institute and BMJ partner event "Food for thought: The science and politics of nutrition" conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, where we played host to experts covering the spectrum, from gut microbiome, to food politics and nutrition, from all over the world. 

In this half-hour video, two luminaries in the field of nutriion, Mike Lean, a professor from and Gary Taubes, science and health journalist, co-founder of the non-profit Nutrition Science Initiative, debated the role food plays - amongst other lifestyle factors - in supporting people with chronic conditions.

As neutral and impartial hosts, we do not accept responsibility for any of the viewpoints held.