Mike Midgely: Enterprise risk management helps healthcare providers make strategic decisions

The Senior Risk Manager at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, answered questions in the panel discussion at the event, Transforming healthcare – health policy, digital health and data privacy: Who pays the bill? at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. The conference, hosted by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and Emory Healthcare, explored best practice, economics and digital security in the healthcare industry.

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Read a text version of the video below:

“One of the biggest emerging trends right now is all the technology that is being thrown at organizations left and right to consider, in order to capitalize on reimbursement structure as well as patient safety initiatives. Whether you're talking about 3-D printing, or you're talking about robotics, or droids, or drones, organizations really need to be able to look at all the different possibilities in terms of these emerging technology trends, and come up with a way that they can figure out which ones they want to go with, and which ones aren't such a good option for them. The most dynamic organizations in healthcare have adopted an enterprise risk management model, and that particular model is able to facilitate decision making, right?

Under an enterprise risk management model, as things change in the environment, and organizations are trying to decide which technologies to adapt, or which sort of direction they want to go in terms of maybe acquiring a physician practice group, or bringing on a new service line, they would look at the enterprise risk management model in order to help them make that decision.”