Cheryl Lloyd: Hospitals must consider outsourcing cyber security for maximum protection

The Associate Vice President and Chief Risk Officer of the University of California co-hosted a discussion on “Cyber security governance in an academic medical center: Post incident” at the event Transforming Healthcare – Health Policy, Digital Health and Data Privacy: Who pays the bill? at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. The conference, hosted by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and Emory Healthcare, explored best practice, economics and digital security in the healthcare industry.

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Read a text version of the video below:

“If you think about healthcare organizations they typically share information about other types of risk. Whether or not it's births of children, incidents that take place in the hospital that might cause harm. Hospitals do share that because we learn from one another. Cyber risk is no different. I think hospitals need to share what they learn from their different cyber incidents so that they can pass that information along and we can conquer it together.

Certain things might have to be outsourced so that you can get a better value for being protected in this cyber world. I think healthcare will have to - are they going to be ready? I think they're going to have to be ready, because it's a real threat and in certain areas, particularly in the United States, there's substantial fines that hospitals have. I think it's going to be necessary to be responsive."