Nicolas Ruff discusses the 'trends' in cyber attacks

Nicolas Ruff, Security Engineer, Google, hosted a session on "Incident response and security monitoring" during the Expert Forum on Cyber Risk at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue.

Nicolas Ruff:

"I think there will always be security incidents because the internet is a dangerous place, but on the other hand the scale and depth of security breaches that we see today is probably not acceptable, as really it should not take one year for companies to notice about a data breach in their system.

Every attack is different, so you could have motive like revenge, if you have been fired from a company or if you want to destroy a company, you can have extortion or ransom somewhere, and all the blackmailing at first that we’ve seen lately. You could have espionage, which has been trending in the last few years, and you could just have fun. Some people are bored and just want to hurt the internet.

Doing the very basic things like log collection, dates monitoring, it should always be done in the first place and it prevents 90 percent of the attacks. Once you’ve done this properly you could aim for the next step which is having all the modern security controls in place like two factor authentication and the rest."