Tabitha Pike, Hiscox: Drones event revealed differences in UK and US regulations

Tabitha Pike, Senior Underwriter at Hiscox, was a participant at the 'Insurance in the age of drones' conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. The event brought drone experts, drone racers, regulators, lawyers, and a hacker together with Swiss Re clients, to examine how drone technology will impact casualty and aviation insurance in the near and long term.

Find out more about the event here.

Read the text version of Tabitha Pike's video interview below:

"It's been fantastic to see what different people's perspectives are, and what different people are doing in terms of drones insurance. Also, it's been really great hearing about what the different clients are doing within the industry already. Especially how different business opportunities are progressing and thinking about what opportunities there are to meet the customers' needs.

What's been very interesting so far is how different the regulations are in different parts of the world. In the UK, I think we're slightly behind in some of the development of the regulations. However, it's been very interesting to hear how the US has put a lot of focus on this type of business. Not just at state level, but at federal level as well. Also, it's been interesting to hear how the Swiss have approached the drones business, and how they're approaching developing the new regulations as well.

There's definitely a big opportunity. I think from all the speakers we've heard from, it's obvious this type of product and this type of equipment will only continue to grow and to develop. Hopefully there will be an insurance need for it as well because the more this type of equipment is entrenched in our daily use, there will obviously be liability issues and possible risks that will come up in the future."