Russ Johannesson: Smartphones deliver frictionless consumer experiences

The COO of Sharecare gave a talk on "Engaging consumers in health and wellness: The shift from episodic to everyday" at the Health monitoring: Making sense of sensors conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. The event brought cutting edge medical, health and fitness wearables producers and platforms together with Swiss Re's clients and experts, to examine how wearable technology will impact consumers and insurers.

Read a text version of the video below:

"Sharecare is a health and wellness engagement platform, largely based in the US. We're all about helping consumers understand their health status and engage in their healthcare journey, wherever they are. Whether they're healthy and fit, or whether they're managing chronic conditions, we help them in a very personalized and engaging way improve their health status.

It's a digital presence, and our goal is really not about equipping consumers to do self-care. It's really about educating them to be better consumers of care, and then effectively connecting them in to the healthcare delivery system in the right way, at the right time.

Wearables and sensors have had a large impact on our ability to engage consumers in a meaningful way. At Sharecare our focus is really about personalization, and we think helping consumers in their health journey is all about being relevant to where they are and who they are. So the data that comes through wearables and sensors is a really important factor in helping us personalize the experience for them in a meaningful way, which we see drives increased engagement over the long term.

Our view of consumer accessibility is that in order to achieve truly sustainable engagement with consumers, the data acquisition needs to be as frictionless as possible. We're leveraging smart phone sensors in a lot of ways to do that, because it is ubiquitous in how people are managing their smart phones. It's typically always charged. It's with them. It knows where they are. It knows what they're doing. It's tracking their activity in certain ways, and we find that a pretty powerful device.

Swiss Re's been a great partner for Sharecare in looking at, in particular, the intersection between health and wealth. Where we see a lot of value from Swiss Re in the relationships that it has is really helping its clients, and the to extent the risk that Swiss Re itself manages, influence consumers on their long-term health perspective. There are few players in the ecosystem that have more of a vested interest in the long-term health and reduced mortality of consumers than those that are holding risk-based policies against them. So they're really an effective partner in helping to raise awareness around that, but also connect into those populations through their clients as well."