Francis Blumberg: Wearable tech is key to the future of health insurance

The Head Strategy & Client Services, Swiss Re, opened the Health monitoring: Making sense of sensors conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. The event brought cutting edge medical, health and fitness wearables producers and platforms together with Swiss Re's clients and experts, to examine how wearable technology will impact consumers and insurers.

Read a text version of the video below:

"We see a huge proliferation of these devices and a lot of ideas what to do with them, health monitoring for people, prevention, activity tracking. We want to learn more about this and look more into this.

I think we want to gain insights. We want to learn. We want to see where things could go, what is already around, and how things could evolve. That's a great opportunity to bring experts together, to discuss with them, to explore. To explore is a very exciting field.

The strategy ultimately should give us an overview of what are the opportunities, which ones are the most attractive ones for us, and ultimately give us a guidance, which way we want to go and pick the right ones.

I think these events are useful because this is a new field. We think also going into new fields and exchanging ideas together is a good way to prepare for the future."