Insuring intangible assets

Digitalisation is changing the way economic value is created.

The evolution of business models, including the sharing economy, can be seen in the rising importance of intellectual capital vs. bricks-and-mortar, research and development vs. capital spending, and services vs. manufacturing. Businesses operating in these areas face a different risk landscape and require new insurance solutions.

Key takeaways

  • The corporate sector has transformed towards intangible assets (estimates of up to 87% of value) such as intellectual property, networks, data and client relationships.

Tangible vs intangible assets as share of S&P 500 market value, 1975-2015

  • Increasingly, businesses are demanding covers for previously uninsurable exposures like earnings and cash flow losses resulting from contingent business interruption, supply chain and cyber risks, product recall and weather and energy price risks.
  • The evolution of double-trigger indemnity structures, and data and modelling advances is allowing insurers to develop ever-more innovative covers for such exposures.

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