Michael Davies Founder and Chairman, Endeavour Partners; Senior Lecturer Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Michael Davies is the Founder and Chairman of Endeavour Partners and he runs the New Technology Ventures Program at London Business School. He works with leaders in technology to anticipate the future, navigate the resulting challenges and opportunities, and enable them to drive innovation.

He is the father of four daughters, and the partner of C.A. Webb, Co-Founder of Assemble.VC.

Michael has deep business and technology expertise in mobile and digital domains. He is an expert in technology and business ecosystems, competition and collaboration, and the management of innovation. Prior to founding Endeavour Partners, Michael held executive and strategic advisory roles with leading firms including Boston Consulting Group, BellSouth International, Braxton Associates, GeoPartners Research and Mars Electronics. He has also been an entrepreneur, including pioneering the first global system for a mobile communication business outside Europe and the first personal digital assistant with digital connectivity (a predecessor to the modern smartphone).

In addition to his role at Endeavour Partners, Michael is a Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Guest Lecturer at the London Business School. He holds an MBA from London Business School, and Master's degrees in Engineering from the University of Cambridge and the University of Durham.