Nina Buchmann Head of the Department of Environmental Systems Science; Founding Chair of the World Food System Center ETH Zurich

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Since April 2003, Nina Buchmann is Full Professor of Grassland Sciences in the Institute of Agricultural Sciences at ETH Zurich. In 2011, she became the founding chair of the World Food System Center at ETH, until 2017 when she was elected as the Head of Department. Her main research topics include (1) plant and ecosystem physiology, (2) biogeochemistry of forests, grasslands and cropland, in particular their response to climate and management regimes, and (3) interactions among biodiversity, ecosystem functions & services, and sustainable resource use.

She chaired and contributed to many national and international projects which resulted in more than 250 refereed original journal papers. She served on many national and international committees, including the Swiss National Science Foundation and scientific advisory and steering boards. In 2007, she was elected into the National Academy of Sciences of Germany; in 2018, she became a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union.