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About the event

While one grim milestone after the other was reached on the global COVID-19 dashboard, vaccine development efforts gave us some subtle hope, including the Manhattan Project analog WARP-Speed as one potent financing source. Finally, in the eleventh month of the pandemic, success for three vaccines can be claimed. Two are of the novel type of mRNA vaccines, the third is vector-based.

Will our children remember the arrival of vaccines as the decisive turning point in the pandemic? What are the consequences for insurance, particularly Life and Health, casualty and marine business lines? How will the pharmaceutical supply chains step up to this challenge, and how could this in turn affect the billions of people that will be vaccinated by one or the other type of vaccines available? 

We invited experts for the design and manufacturing of new mRNA vaccines. Nucleic-acid vaccines represent a promising alternative to conventional vaccines. They are potent, and they can be developed and deployed rapidly at low-cost. mRNA will become a tool for cancer vaccines and for correcting inborn genetic errors. Preparedness for the next emerging disease includes potent diagnostics using CRISPR technology.



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