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About the event

A great interest in The BMJ/ Swiss Re conference "Food for thought: The science and politics of nutrition" will lead to many of the world's experts in nutrition being present in Zurich in June. A number of these expert clinicians, scientists and researchers do key work in the field of diabetes, particularly the remission and reversal of diabetes.

Diabetes is a key focus of Swiss Re's Life and Health division and we believe furthering this science is key not only to helping our clients and their policyholders, but also the hundreds of millions suffering from type 2 diabetes, and even more who suffer from metabolic syndrome leading to increased weight, obesity and prediabetes.

We are planning a small intimate event with many of these experts to cover what is known of this diabetes remission/ reversal, to ask questions and try to find answers, and to discuss what the best way forward is to drive change globally.

Please join us for this questioning and challenging day and a half, sharing the latest trial information, best practises in clinical practise, learnings from reversal programs and networking with the passionate people who want to redefine diabetes!