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About the event

Oasis Loss Modelling Framework (LMF) provides an open source modelling platform that eases the exchange of catastrophe models. Among other things, this allows the insurance industry to access models from new model providers, which increases the diversity of models and risk views. 

At the Oasis Conference, hosted by the Swiss Re Institute and Swiss Re's Cat Perils team, participants will learn more about the suite of available models, options to deploy Oasis, and how Oasis technology is developing. This one-day event also offers stands to many model providers who will be able to demonstrate their model availability to participants. These include: Ambiental, Cat Risk Solutions, Fathom, Impact Forecasting, JBA and Kat Risk GmbH. Lastly there will be a focus on key issues in models, the need for transparency and the future of catastrophe risk modelling. 

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