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About the event

Global ageing is going to change the social structure and expectations as people work longer, face greater risks of disease and require more care. How we identify and address the needs of the elderly is a key concern for citizens, governments and the financial sector.

There is no silver bullet: however, we can mitigate this risk through focusing on people's needs and the huge potential of digital technologies. From advanced monitoring systems to customized robotics, innovations will help manage health conditions associated with ageing.

These developments will be crucial for the insurance industry. They will influence the structure of our products, our distribution, our risk profiles and our claims patterns. Insurers can help people protect themselves financially, but there are considerable challenges alongside the vast opportunities.

The conference adressed these key topics:

  1. Needs and risks of an ageing population
  2. Digital and ageing: Care technologies for the elderly
  3. Live longer, live better?